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Cartoons, Drawings/Illustrations and Caricatures

The ability to draw and create concepts intended to send a "message in a moment" is a unique skillset available with SpongeHead. Furthermore, caricaturing is a very specialized talent that few artist's possess. At SpongeHead, we have the ability to conceive and achieve in both design and as a freehand artist.

Since 1985, SpongeHead has been cartooning professionally producing thousands of cartoons for reprint that have appeared as far as London, Los Angeles, Canada and Africa...and reproduced in Newsweek, World Events, the United Nations Council on Apartheid, ESPN and educational textbooks. Through cartooning, SpongeHead has been to the White House and met President Reagan, had cartoons signed by President Bush, Jesse Jackson, Congressman, Governors and celebrities like Regis Philbin and Denzel Washington. We have conducted numerous lectures on the art of cartooning and if we are able to win multiple national and regional cartooning awards then we are ready to create a cartoon that helps convey your message. Nothing speaks louder than a picture!

Here's some samples of cartoons (click image to enlarge).

Cartoon Contest!
Okay, let's see how much you know about our political history. View the following cartoons and try to answer the questions.
(Place mouse over cartoon and click the "maximize/minimize" symbol to view better)

Drawings/Illustrations/Greeting Cards/Licensing
SpongeHead's illustrative work is typically commissioned and has been used extensively in the workplace including corporations, design agencies and magazines and has appeared on television broadcasts, school textbooks, greeting cards and in licensing. 

Below is a cross section of some of this work (click to enlarge).

Caricaturing is a unique ability to capture someone's likeness and personality in a picture. SpongeHead can create 3 types of caricatures: (1) On-the-spot quick sit-down caricatures, (2) Special occasion caricatures commemorating an event or theme, and (3) Publication reprint caricatures typically of public figures such as politicians, celebrities or people in the news. Retain the attached PDF Caricature brochure for more details on these offerings.

Here's sample caricatures - do you recognize any famous faces?

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