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The "Yes I Can" with CrayonMan Kids TV Show

Watch this 1 minute introduction to the show (listen to the theme song lyrics..."it's an important message"). There is much more footage of crayon-tastic fun on CrayonMan's website's at:

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Introduction to CrayonMan TV Show Music Video
This is the introduction to the "Yes I Can" with CrayonMan Show! Listen to the music lyrics - there's an important lesson!
The CrayonMan Project

The CrayonMan Project is a large endeavor and warrants it's own separate website. Recognize that if SpongeHead can take a homegrown concept and bring it to the level of the AT&T produced "Yes I Can" with CrayonMan Show then we have the ability to bring your vision to life. The best way to learn about this evolving project that is still in active negotiations is to (1) watch the YouTube video clips, and (2) read the project overview in the attached PDF (below). In the meantime, see some of the crayon-tastic fun in the images at bottom.

Project overview PDF below:

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