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Soak It In: The Crazy Clip Challenge...

Can you figure out what these clips are?
Look at our overall site and see if you can find where they came from...

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Now For Something Completely Different

SpongeHead Productions has more than 40 years of creating compelling art that engages and provokes thought. If you're looking for that creative twist from somewhat of a twisted mind, then continue reading...

Talent, Not A Lucky Rabbit's Foot Is The Key To Our Success!

SpongeHead Productions has the unique ability to create award winning and internationally acclaimed custom drawings, illustrations, cartooning, caricatures and books.

With over 12,500 drawings commissioned and published worldwide, SpongeHead can help you stand out with eye catching, custom images focused on your target audience. 

The tabs for "Cartoons, Illustration and Caricature" and "Political Books" can provide more details.

SpongeHead Productions: 
Creative Juices for Thirsty Minds...

As a further offering and display of capabilities, SpongeHead Productions is the creator and owner of the AT&T produced kids TV show "Yes I Can" with CrayonMan (3 seasons at 33 shows).

Select the "CrayonMan" tab for sample footage
have a Crayon-tastic day!

We'll Be a Sponge, Soaking Up Your Input

At SpongeHead Productions, we've worked side-by-side with editors and art directors on tight deadlines and challenging creative projects. We promise to be a "sponge" and listen to your creative needs while providing compelling graphics that will keep you a-head of your competition as well as encourage viewers to use their heads when considering thought provoking artistic commentary. We want to help you succeed and make a difference for the better.. 

Select the "Contact Spongehead" tab to get started with a new partnership for success...
with SpongeHead Productions.

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