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Political Books

The 2020 Presidential Election was a tumultuous time for politics but a goldmine period for political cartooning. See the 4 book series by cartoonist Bob Dornfried where he comments on Trump and the Democrats. To learn more about the books follow this LINK or the 'sneak peaks' below have direct links to individual books.  

Art​ist / Author Newspaper Interview

Click the thumbnail at left to access the PDF of the full interview (or HERE). The 2016 Election was toxic and divisive but was a mere warm-up for the 2020 E​lection. The electorate was so polarized with a ficious "us/them" mentality. The four books aim to send a message of tolerance, enlightenment, light-heartedness and love. They are politically balanced leaning both left and right depending on the audience...but with a unified message to treat each other with decency and respect regardless of differences. 

"What to do in Orangutan Zoo"

(Book #1 - Politically Balanced - See a sampling below of the 24+ page illustrated book)  DIRECT LINK

"Proud to be a Trumpanzee"

(Book #2 - Right/Conservative Leaning - For Trump supporters at 24+ pages)  DIRECT LINK

"Livid Lethal Lefty vs. Rowdy Rebellious Righty"

(Book #3 - Left/Liberal Leaning - For the Democrats at 24+ pages) DIRECT LINK

"Why I Rely on Trump, Trump, Trump"

(Book #4 - Right/Conservative Leaning - For Trump supporters at 24+ pages) DIRECT LINK

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